Month: May 2014

Introduction To Zenith Commander Chronograph

Zenith Commander Chronograph shows you the way forward

Commander: A thought-provoking name, which is associated with a journey, an adventure, those benefits from the trade of distant countries & hellip; & hellip ;. Whether or not it is worthy of deliberation still needs to be considered. The eager commander needs to pass the test of senior seniors. He must have superb skills, know how to sum up experience on the sea, and follow the predetermined route accurately. official. Commander, in the past only granted to officers qualified to lead royal ships. The commander is also the pinnacle of Zenith’s watchmaking tradition.
Superb watchmaking skills, like the rich knowledge of voyage adventures, are passed on from generation to generation in the workshops of Le Locle.
This noble collection watch is inspired by the watch series launched by Zenith in the mid-1960s. All watchmaking techniques, precision and pattern designs are modeled on this. Whether it’s a princess-style hand or a long hour-marker with grooves, the design of the Commander series strictly follows the retro watch design style. These prominent design elements reflect the symbolic qualities of the ZENITH chronograph produced in the middle of the last century. To pay tribute to the original model, the Commander series watches imitate it as ‘god-like’. The simple-looking chronograph features two large buttons on the side.
For more than 50 years, it has been leading the development of this watch with technological and chronological innovations. The new generation of chronographs far surpasses the earlier works in technology, and is equipped with the legendary El Primero movement, which was certified by the Swiss official observatory COSC, in 1968. This movement decorated with ‘C? Tesde Gen’ egrave; ve pattern, can be seen through the transparent sapphire crystal glass back. In addition, the engraved sunburst silver dial features rhodium-plated faceted hands and hour markers. The date window is set at 6 o’clock. The three timers are arranged in a V-shape at the center and below the dial. The Commander series watches combine simplicity and generosity with a distinctive personality, while highlighting the retro elegance of masculine beauty while also bringing together the most sophisticated complex craftsmanship. Commander’s watch, a watch integrated into one.


Richard Mille And Ntpt Successfully Combine Gold And Synthetic Materials

The Swiss watch brand and North Thin Ply Technology are the first to present two world-first materials: Gold Quartz-TPT® and Gold NTPT carbide, and for the first time combine quartz or carbide with gold foil. Two new materials will be used in Richard Mille’s RM 07-01 and RM 037 women’s watches.

RM 07-01

   In 2016, Richard Mille introduced NTPT’s cutting-edge technology for two of its women’s watches, RM 07-01 and RM 037. For the grand event, the brand presents two special editions, each with quartz or carbide combined with gold foil, demonstrating Richard Mille and NTPT’s determination to become kings in their respective fields.

RM 037

   Driven by the same enthusiasm, the two companies concluded complementarity, sparked a new creative spark, and launched a series of research and innovation projects.
   The cooperation between the two parties started from the research and development of NTPT carbides and Quartz-TPT®. The two materials have been the material of the brand’s case and main splint since the beginning, helping Richard Mille, based in Switzerland, take a big step forward in the watch’s ruggedness and anti-collision capabilities. The extreme physical properties of the two synthetic materials made them difficult to mold with general machinery, which drove the two companies to spend a lot of time developing new mechanical production processes and cutting tools that could be used for carbon and quartz. Watches made from these new materials are more eye-catching than traditional gold or platinum cases, making them memorable.
   Richard Mille is now applying exclusive materials for men’s watches to women’s watches to satisfy women who are eager for their unique retouching effects. The brand and NTPT once again presented Gold Quartz-TPT® and Gold NTPT carbides to further expand the combination of women’s case materials.
   This NTPT technology continues the technology of embedding quartz-TPT® quartz or NTPT carbides layer by layer at a 45-degree angle, and uses dozens of layers of gold foil less than 10 microns thick. Because gold is a precious metal in the chemical classification, it is a very difficult task for engineers at NTPT and Richard Mille to ‘fusion’ them with carbon and quartz correctly.
   This process also highlights the characteristics of various materials, making the case lines more prominent under the reflection of light, creating an eye-catching and gradual golden effect. The overall shape is enhanced by the satin-finished 5N red gold spine and its polished column decorations, the dial set with hundreds of diamonds and the central mother-of-pearl or black onyx decoration.
   Gold Quartz-TPT® and Gold NTPT carbides will be exclusively used in RM 07-01 and RM 037 women’s watches, each of which presents a unique turner. Following the titanium alloy, ceramic and sapphire case versions, the two new works have again applied technically processed materials to women’s watches, further enriching the look of their collections.