Month: September 2013

New Heights Of Anti-magnetic Protection Three Professional Anti-magnetic Watches Recommended

Magnetism, a word often encountered in a mechanical watch. With the current penetration rate of electronic products, the probability of magnetism of mechanical watches has increased significantly, so many brands have launched them in recent years. Many anti-magnetic watches, one mountain higher than the other, today, the Watch House recommends three professional anti-magnetic watches for everyone, no longer worry about the watch will be magnetic.

IWC engineer series IW323310 watch

Watch Series: Engineer Series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Watch diameter: 42.5 mm
Domestic public price: 66500
Watch details: TERRA 150m series watch

Watch Series: Haima Series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap material: stainless steel
Case diameter: 41.5 mm
Domestic public price: 48800
Watch details: omega / 36188 /
Watch Reviews: When it comes to anti-magnetic watches, I think the best is currently Omega. This Omega seahorse anti-magnetic watch can work perfectly under a magnetic field of 15000 Gauss. The magnetic field below Gauss is harmless to the body, and it will be harmful to the body if it exceeds 3000 Gauss, there is no research. It can also be indirectly explained that wearing this watch will not worry about magnetism at all. The inside of this watch is equipped with Omega’s own coaxial 8508 automatic winding movement. This watch is also known as the bee needle.

Summary: From the data we can see that Omega’s 15,000 Gauss antimagnetic, Rolex’s 1000 Gauss antimagnetic, IWC’s 80,000 amps per meter. From the data point of view, Omega’s antimagnetic ability is significantly stronger than this Rolex. It can only be said to be antimagnetic, but not antimagnetic. From the perspective of the effect, the two watches will not be subject to magnetism in life, because the earth’s magnetic field is less than 1 Gauss, and ordinary magnets are only 100 Gauss intensity. Now let’s talk about the antimagnetic effect of 80,000 amps per meter of IWC. First, 80 amps per meter is about 1 oersted, and the conversion is 80,000 amps per meter, which is about 1,000 oersteds. The contract is equal to 1 Gauss, so we also roughly think that 1 Oster is equal to 1 Gauss in general. The final conversion result is the antimagnetic effect of IWC is 80,000 amps per meter, which is equal to about 1,000 Oersted, which is equal to about 1000 Gauss. Conclusion IWC’s Engineer series watches and Rolex’s MILGAUSS watches are comparable in antimagnetic performance.


Mido Mido Watch Accompanies ‘xin’ To Join Hands To Spend The Qixi Festival Than ‘金’ 坚

Tanabata, in this moment of embracing true love once a year, lovers relive every bit of life and give each other the best memories and touches. MIDO Switzerland is willing to accompany every heartbeat, launching exquisite luxury watches, looking forward to the happiness record of the moment in hand. MIDO Eternity series Donna women’s watch with a round and simple design, exquisitely created a one-piece curve, interpreting elegant and moving temperament; Eternity series Donna for the first time introduced a more bright color style, including all rose gold case, strap and pearl The pure white strap, combined with an 80-hour power reserve, has both superior performance and elegant appearance, achieving the charm embellishment flowing through the wrists of Iraq. In addition, it is more recommended for men and women pioneer series with rose gold as the main color, just like a natural pair, love is better than Jin Jian, and work together for eternal true love! This year, the world’s first professional watch designer design competition, pays tribute to the historic Big Ben in London, England, and invites global beauty fans to participate in the selection. Since July 30, 2015, participating in the election will have the opportunity to win the ‘London, UK’ ‘Tours for two’, come and visit the British landmark Big Ben!
Baroncelli Lady Donna Caliber 80

Eternal Series Donna 80-hour love is more ‘hearty’ than ‘gold’
   The eternal series Donna takes the classic architecture of the neoclassical architecture-the Rennes Opera House as the inspiration for the design, and creates a unique circular building with harmonious and delicate curves. , As if in an amphitheater, listening to the beauty of classical music.
   For the first time, a new model of PVD in rose gold is introduced. The silver dial radiates sun rays from the round date window frame at 6 o’clock. It is exposed from the embossed and rounded sapphire crystal. The hour markers and hands are PVD rose gold. The rare elegant design is inspired by the blooming of nature, showing the feminine temperament; there are also all stainless steel strap models to choose from.
   And women’s favorite diamonds and mother-of-pearl are also delicately added to the new eternal series Donna, and for the first time, a cream white tone leather strap with a rose gold PVD case is set, and 8 real diamonds are always set on the white mother-of-pearl dial. On the top, the perfect sparkling and radiant glory; in line with the office worker’s weekly rest day, the above 3 Donna ladies watches are also equipped with an 80-hour long power reserve movement. There are also 11 diamonds inlaid with silver radiant faceplates, paired with black leather belt styles, and equipped with a 38-hour movement to choose from.
   The above 4 models adopt a 33mm diameter, double-sided anti-reflective sapphire crystal and Donna’s unique embossed arc lines, and the integrated stainless steel case displays a rounded curve. The date is displayed in a circular arch window at 6 o’clock, waterproof. It can reach 50 meters. Through the see-through back cover, you can admire the movement decorated with Geneva ripples and blue steel screws, which perfectly shows the beauty of clockwork.
Multifort Caliber 80 Chronometer

Multifort Lady Mother-of-Pearl
MIDO Pioneer Series Rose Gold Men’s and Women’s Watches “Core”
   MIDO was launched in 1934, two years after the completion of the Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia. With its inspiration as a fallacy, it launched the Pioneer Series, which perfectly combines function and aesthetics, and passed the test of time with an eternal design. One of the oldest watch collections in the Swiss watchmaking industry.
   The Pioneer series is engraved in the 1940s, introducing dazzling rose gold men’s and women’s watch pairs. The PVD rose gold stainless steel case seems to have a soft luster, and the Geneva wave is embellished on the surface. The bevel-cut PVD rose gold hands and the polygonal hour markers outline the feelings of the past, and the time will never pass.
   The 42mm men’s watch vintage rose gold case is integrated into the classic steel skeleton structure of the Harbour Bridge, with classic retro day and date panes, brown calfskin strap and PVD rose gold folding buckle, highlighting the gentleman’s taste, technically more Combined with MIDO’s exclusive Caliber 80 automatic movement, it has been rigorously tested by the Swiss official observatory certification agency to show an accurate timepiece. The ladies watch has a diameter of 31mm and is equipped with a 38-hour power reserve. The dial is engraved with vertical stripes, embellished with elegant rose gold-toned hour hands and mother-of-pearl luster. The date display at 3 o’clock is exquisite and small, which fully shows women’s movement. Also rigid and soft posture. Both are exquisite sapphire crystal with mirror-finish treatment and transparent bottom cover design. They can see the movement decorated with blue steel screws and the balance of the corrugated imprint of Geneva to fully see the beauty of the automatic movement.
Participate in the voting MIDO watch design contest and draw a romantic couple tour of London, UK
   MIDO is a star of watch design. In 2015, it held the ‘Watch Selection Competition for the First Time’. Participants will draw creative inspiration from the internationally renowned London landmark and the classic building ‘Big Ben’. Limited edition of MIDO Big Ben. Thousands of people finally look forward to the exposure of the models! The three designers include Eric Giroud, a watch artist inspired by music and architecture, Sébastien Perret, a craftsman who blends the aesthetics of fine jewelry and mosaics, and Lorenzo Vallone, an art seeker who added time to the work. He also revealed design inspiration and idea. Eric Giroud uses neo-Gothic exterior design pointers. Some materials are made of bronze to echo Big Ben. The rose-shaped window design in the middle of the clock face corresponds to the decorative pattern on the bottom of the crystal case. Sébastien Perret wants to balance Big Ben’s simplicity with Xin Ge. German style, hoping to retain both full and detailed characteristics and the sparkle of the clock face, to maintain the most classic contemporary style of MIDO; Lorenzo Vallone seeks to balance the round clock face of the Big Ben towering tower and center, hoping to highlight the straight line and The harmony between the curves contrasts and echoes the originality of the building.
Eric Giroud

Lorenzo Vallone entry

Entries by Sébastien Perret
   ‘Choose a watch design contest in your wrist’ sincerely invites fans from around the world to participate in online voting activities (event site:, starting July 30, 2015, just participate Vote for a chance to visit the design inspiration source, ‘Big Ben London Double Tour’, or this award-winning ‘Big Ben Series Limited Edition’! Valentine’s Day in 2015 prepares great gifts for lovers, travel to England and enjoy the romantic journey of the two of them!
Baroncelli Donna Eternity Watch with Diamonds M022.

Baroncelli Lady Donna Caliber 80 Eternity Donna 80 Hour Women’s Watch M022.

Baroncelli Lady Donna Caliber 80 Eternity Donna 80 Hour Women’s Watch M022.

Baroncelli Lady Donna Caliber 80 Timeless Donna 80 Hour Women’s Watch M022.


Introduction Of Panerai’s New Radiomir Series 42mm Watch

The classic shape of the Radiomir series, 42mm diameter, small three-pin design, gold hands, black crocodile leather belt of. I even started to think that this is not a Panerai watch designed for women.
 Of course, this does not mean that only women can wear this PAM378 watch. But if you are tired of Da Pei’s overly tough guy and looking for a Panerai watch that is suitable for formal wear and can be hidden in your cuffs, then this is definitely worth considering.

 This watch is called Panerai Radiomir ORO ROSA 42 mm. Among them, the 42mm ‘small size’ case is made of 18K rose gold, with golden hands and black dial, showing nobility and elegance. The classic sandwich dial is engraved with RADIOMIR PANERAI, and the 9-point digital scale is omitted. Allows the small seconds dial to stretch out where it most often appears. Water-resistant to 100m.

 The movement is a fully-manufactured P999 manual winding movement produced by Panerai, with a size of 12 minutes and a thickness of 3.4mm. 154 parts, 19 stone. It can provide a 60-hour power reserve at a frequency of 21600vph. Compared with other manual movements, this P999 manual winding movement is more ornamental. You can watch it carefully through the sapphire back case.