Devil fish is one of many marine creatures whose survival is seriously threatened by overfishing. The British charity Manta Trust is committed to conserving and protecting the survival of manta rays in more than 20 different countries. For many years, Bucherer has strongly supported this charity. For the first time this summer, Bucherer launched a limited edition watch for the devil fish conservation charity, with a limited edition of 188 watches. Part of the sales revenue will provide financial support for the new scientific research project.

   The new Plavi Deep Dive Watch Manta Fish Foundation Limited Edition dial is decorated with two manta fish patterns that seem to jump out of the water from below the waves. Each watch is unique because the engravings on the bottom of the watch are all taken from the spotted pattern on the belly of the devil fish photographed by Foundation CEO Guy Stevens and his team with an underwater camera. In addition, the bottom of the watch is engraved with a unique identification number. The owner can use this number to log in to the designated website to name the devil fish.

   The new Plavi Deep Dive Watch Devil Fish Foundation Limited Edition is equipped with an automatic helium exhaust valve, which can meet the needs of diving up to 500 meters. The unique sports-style hour markers and hands are coated with a Luminescent fluorescent layer to ensure easy readability in underwater environments. ‘It is an honor to be a partner of the Manta Fish Foundation. With the new Plavi Deep Dive Watch Manta Fish Foundation Limited Edition, we pay tribute to the work of Guy Stevens and his team,’ said Bucherer CEO Sascha Moeri ‘When you buy this watch, connoisseurs can not only have a truly unique timepiece, but also contribute to the protection of the devil fish.’

   Bucherer will donate part of the sales revenue to provide financial support for the new scientific research project. Data will be collected during the expedition to help protect the habitat of manta rays. In August 2017, the expedition team will spend two weeks conducting marine inspections of manta rays in the waters surrounding the Maldives, analyzing their habitats and feeding habits, as well as the plankton they prey on. The funds will also be used to expand the Maldives database, which currently records more than 4,000 manta rays, to help the manta rays fund conduct more extensive research.

   ‘Once important habitats for the manta fish population have been identified, we will introduce more effective protection measures,’ said Guy Stevens, CEO of the manta fish foundation. ‘Thank you to Bucherer for supporting this summer’s Maldives scientific research project. Opportunity to make significant progress towards established goals to create a sustainable future for manta rays by maintaining a healthy and diverse marine ecosystem. ‘