As everyone knows, Anna Wintour is the editor-in-chief of VOGUE in the United States. This woman who can dominate the fashion is special in three things. These three things are the BOBO head and the nude cross-band designed by Manolo Blahik Sandals, and Hermès and Cartier watches.

Anna Wintour is an icon-level figure in the fashion industry. The movie ‘The Devil Wears PRADA’ was created based on her. The editor-in-chief of the American VOGUE, known as the ‘Devil’s Head’, has her own unique views on fashion and her most exclusive preferences for watches. One of these preferences is Hermes watches.

 Hermes watch

Hermes Hermes Stainless Steel Cape Cod HERMES watch has a unique lug design, exquisite details inherit the consistent style of Hermes. The price of the same series is about 40,000 RMB-80,000 RMB.

 Editor-in-Chief of VOGUE

In the 20 years since she took up this role in 1988, she has fully established her strong position in the fashion industry and has become a point of money for identifying fashion trends and supporting recent designers. The Guardian called her ‘the unofficial mayor of New York.’

 Hermes Cape Cod Collection

经典 Cape Cod series of classic lug design makes people know at a glance, this is a Hermes watch, unlike the ordinary rectangular dial can only be seen in the Hermes design. The watch model in the picture is CC3.230.282 / CJE, reference price: 60,000 RMB.

 Anna wears a Cartier watch

Anna Wintour’s integration of watches is now on another brand-Cartier. At a New York Fashion Week, Anna wore Cartier watches twice in succession, one of which is the 18K gold chain Pasha The other is the Tank Francaise watch in white gold with black belt.


The Cartier Pasha gold female watch worn by Anna has been discontinued. The watch in the picture is a Cartier Miss Pasha series WJ124013 watch. The grid and screw-in crown are symbols of vitality, suitable for people with strong personal characteristics popular model. Reference price: 258,000 RMB.