Month: August 2012

The Red Watch Is Right, The Christmas Style Boom Is Coming

Christmas is permeated with romance everywhere. When Christmas is approaching, in addition to the warm scenes where the lights are shining, Christmas is an excellent time to express your heart. In such a major festival, how can there be few fashion items that match its beauty. The red watch series will help you increase your positive energy and create a warm and warm Christmas. Zenith Love Series 16.1230.4021 / 01.C538 Watch
As a logo in the watchmaking industry, Zenith’s Star Open Love has created amazing works. The heartbeat of love under the skeleton dial comes from the legendary high-frequency El Primero chronograph movement at 36,000 rpm. The round dial highlights the femininity, and the surface is matched with wavy wheat spikes and heart-shaped radians to show vitality. The black patent leather strap makes the watch extremely fashionable. Attention to detail is the success of Star Open Love: the small seconds hand turns into a red heart, and the energy storage indicator turns into Cupid’s arrow. The temptation is hard to resist. The Queen of Love series condenses the fashion style and exquisite lifestyle into the square of the wrist, and conveys the clever design ideas of Zenith with no quality.
Chaumet ttrape moi… si tu m’aime high jewelry watch series
The bee is the most classic symbol of Chaumet. Do not misunderstand that Chaumet likes rural style. Chaumet was once selected to design the crown for Napoleon’s beloved Josephine, and later became the jeweler of Napoleon I. Earlier bee ornaments have been used to embellish Napoleon’s travel cloak, so it has the symbolic meaning of imperial power. This series actually has 12 color combinations, no matter which color control you are, you can’t escape it.
Twelve watches, twelve poetic changes on a spider web-like dial, telling the seductive game of bees and spiders and an exercise in jewelry skills: 552 precious and semi-precious stones compose a network of more than 9 carats. Spiders Amethyst, topaz, yellow, pink and blue sapphire are used separately from the bee. White diamonds with round brilliant cutting method will shine more fire.
Salvatore Ferragamo Timepiece Collection
Based on the original GANCINO SPARKING model, this special limited edition watch is re-created with a playful and creative design. Two pieces of rose gold and stainless steel cases are launched, each limited to 100 pieces, showing a new series. Luxurious style: the rotating bezel is inlaid with pink sapphires and white citrines of various sizes, the light flashes. A brilliant square-cut white citrine is pendant on the side, with a soft positive red double calfskin strap, which exudes a strong Christmas atmosphere.
This watch features a guilloché dial and is engraved with the brand’s exclusive Gancino decorative pattern. It is unique and distinctive, and reinterprets Ferragamo’s world-renowned classic tradition in a modern way: precious stones, superb craftsmanship, precious leather and bold Color combination. Elegant and luxurious, the Gancino Sparkling Christmas Edition watch is undoubtedly the ideal choice for all kinds of fashion occasions. She is like a bright light on a cold winter night.
Mido Berencelli m7602.4.69.7 watch
Women only feel safe when surrounded by diamonds, and only look beautiful under the brightest light. The Swiss factory has specially designed Belem Celli women’s automatic diamond watches for women. The lines are pure and the curves are elegant. The highly polished steel case exhibits a curved outline, with rounded lugs and an outer ring decorated with 60 diamonds are a continuation of the case. The dial firmly catches people’s attention: the colorful mother-of-pearl surface is set with 12 diamonds on 12 hours.
躺在 Like lying in a jewelry box, the hour, minute and second hands are cut with beveled diamonds, and the double-sided anti-glare coated sapphire mirror makes time easier to read. The date is between four and five. The transparent back showcases a meticulously crafted automatic movement, a Geneva-decorated automatic top, a Mido logo and an 8-digit serial number. The watch uses the Aquadura sealed crown system and is 50 meters water resistant.
Omega Reduced 3810.61.41 Tissot T-Trend T035. Watch Herms Cherche Midi Watch
The surprise of the Cherche Midi watch is that the design is full of mysterious colors, the surface is covered with soft calfskin, and the brand’s unique ‘H’ -shaped hole is intentionally opened in the middle to allow the calfskin to cover the surface. Being able to spy on the time is like the scene of the French in the old days at noon in the ‘Cherche Midi’, an ancient street south of Paris, ‘looking for noon’.
Tag Heuer Chronograph 41 mm CAC1112.BT0705
TAG Heuer’s chronograph watch belongs to the Formula One series and focuses on chrono sports style. Quartz movement, 41 mm diameter red dial, small chronograph dials at 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock, and 9 o’clock, rubber strap with 150 meters waterproof function, let you wear it in sports With ease.
TUDOR FASTRIDER 42000 red dial watch
My first impression of this watch is that it has unlimited vitality. Tudor’s position in sports watches and racing watches is quite powerful. This watch is divided into two types: red dial and black dial. Core, 46-hour power reserve, stainless steel polished case, of course, the timing function is also essential.


Great Leap Forward In Ten Years Carl F. Bucherer T3000 Homemade Tourbillon Movement

CARL F. BUCHERER is one of the few brands in the watch industry that has the ability to develop self-made movements. As early as 2008, they have started the development of self-made movements. Core-A1000. When it was launched that year, it was amazing, although in terms of function, the A1000 series movement is only a basic three-pin date function, which is the general rule of taking the self-made movement of the watch altar first and firmly rooting it; but in the creative part, The A1000 series movements are indeed very inspiring, because they are considered one of the pioneers of the ring-shaped automatic disk. This design, which was rare at the time, later became an indirect reference for other brands, such as the current full of ultra-thin watches. The purpose of reducing the thickness of the movement is through a ring-shaped automatic disk. In 2016, the brand introduced the second-generation A2000 series movement, which is also equipped with a ring-shaped automatic disk. The function is limited to the basic three-pin plus date display. However, the specifications of the movement itself have evolved in depth. For example, the date display has been changed to a single disk with a more flexible adjustment. The escapement quick adjustment system has been upgraded to fine-tune the weight. The vibration frequency has been increased to 4Hz. The shock has also been changed to KIF shock absorbers and so on.

In 2008, the first maiden show of the self-produced movement of Baucher Lay—A1000 movement, the biggest technical highlight is the use of a ring-shaped automatic disk design, and subsequent development of more functional styles

Self-made fruits that evolve from generation to generation
From the A1000 to A2000 series movements, in addition to establishing the signature feature of the ring-shaped automatic disk, expanding functionality is not the primary focus of Bucherer. Rather, the pursuit of more stable and accurate work quality is the premise of brand efforts. In 2018, the brand launched a third-generation self-made movement. This time, the difference is that the new Manero Tourbillon DoublePeripheral and its T3000 movement bring the functional level to the level of the tourbillon in one breath. The previous two self-made movements are like a triple jump. Although the tourbillon watch has already been launched by Bucherer, this is not the first tourbillon work of the brand, but when it comes to the purity of the home-made, this T3000 machine The core can definitely be loaded into the history of Bucherer, establishing an important milestone.

Since the launch of the A1000 series movement in 2008, Bucherer has laid the tradition of designing the ring-shaped automatic disk. In addition to taking into account the stability of the winding performance, it can also save the vertical space of the movement.

‘Outer edge’ is the focus
The T3000 movement is not just a traditional tourbillon. Its design structure has revealed the main characteristic clues from the name of the watch (Mally Dragon Double-Edge Tourbillon Watch). First of all, its automatic disk is not usually placed at the bottom of the movement. Full-frame design with an additional layer of structural thickness. It is not like a micro-automatic disk. The automatic disk is embedded on the bottom plate to effectively reduce the thickness of the movement. However, it also raises doubts about insufficient winding efficiency. The ring-shaped automatic disc is to change the volume of the balance wheel into a ring and surround the outer edge of the movement. This is like the cut-and-paste of the above two automatic winding structures, starting from the brand’s first homemade movement , All the way to the T3000 movement.

The T3000 uses three sets of ceramic bearings to fix the tourbillon frame, so that it does not need to be supported by a bottom plate or a splint. The view is very clear and transparent, regardless of the front and back views.

The key to seeing the tourbillon more clearly
As for the second ‘outer edge’ feature, it is related to the tourbillon. However, the structure of the tourbillon with or without the upper bridge is simply divided into a traditional tourbillon and a flying tourbillon. The bridge plate is a fixed type of flying tourbillon, but it is more evolved than the flying tourbillon because it also discards the cleat or the bottom plate of the tourbillon device, and uses three sets of ceramic bearings to fix the outer edge of the tourbillon frame. In this way, whether the tourbillon is rewarded from the front or back of the watch, the precise structure and dynamics of the tourbillon can be seen more clearly.

The T3000 movement uses silicon parts and reduces the vibration frequency of the balance wheel to indirectly increase the power reserve to 65 hours, surpassing the previous two self-made movements. In addition, the tourbillon itself has a stop-second function, which helps more accurate timekeeping. purpose

Go longer and more accurate
In addition, this tourbillon not only emphasizes ‘looking good’, its puppets and escapement wheels are made of silicon material, which can effectively avoid magnetic influences, and at the same time, its characteristics of reducing friction resistance and oil-free lubrication can be derived Energy-saving effect, which makes the watch’s power reserve space reach 65 hours. Compared with the previous two self-made movements, the power reserve capacity is even higher. Don’t forget that the T3000 movement is still one of the most complicated of the three. Works! Due to the entry of such complex functions as the tourbillon, Bucherer reduced the frequency of the balance to 3Hz to ensure the movement of the movement is stable and reduce energy consumption. The effort to improve the accuracy of the travel time also includes a stop-second function for the tourbillon, so that the wearer can calibrate the time to the smallest unit of seconds. The main purpose of the tourbillon is to maintain the accuracy of the timepiece. . It has been exactly ten years since the A1000 was first published. During this period, the frequency of research and development of new self-made works by Bucherer is not frequent, but each launch can see the brand’s more mature craftsmanship level and continue to push its own limits. The most impressive impression of the world in recent years has been made by Baucher Lai watchmaking.

Marly Dragon Double-Ring Tourbillon Watch

18K rose gold material / T3000 self-winding movement / hour, minute, small seconds display / tourbillon device / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / waterproof 30 meters / diameter 43.1mm


The Art Of Fusion── Hublot And Bruce Lee Foundation Cross-border Cooperation

The demeanor of the king is well versed in the fusion of East and West. Bruce Lee, a legendary kung fu superstar, became legendary with his unique Jeet Kune Do martial arts. 2015 is the 75th anniversary of Bruce Lee’s birthday. To commemorate this generation of masters, Hublot and the Bruce Lee Foundation founded by Bruce Lee’s widow Ms. Li Linda and her daughter Ms. Li Xiangning, jointly released “Spirit of Big Bang Bruce Lee Limited Edition Birthday Anniversary Watch ‘, and an auction dinner was held to commemorate Bruce Lee’s legendary life.
   At the launch ceremony, Mr. Ricardo Guadalupe, the CEO of Hublot, opened the speech. Subsequently, Miss Li Xiangning came to the stage to pay tribute to Hublot and all the guests who supported Bruce Lee. In addition, as a loyal supporter of Bruce Lee, Hong Kong martial arts superstar Donnie Yen also came to the stage to share. He said that, as the first Chinese person to succeed overseas, Bruce Lee brought Chinese culture to the world, and it has also become a help for the development of Chinese movies. It is an eternal legend. What is most respectable is his investment in martial arts. In addition to the creation of Jeet Kune Do, he also established the Jeet Kune Do Kwon Do Museum, dedicated to the development of martial arts, which is worthy of future generations to learn and inherit.

Well-known martial arts star Zhen Zidan is also a loyal supporter of Bruce Lee.

Hublot and the Bruce Lee Foundation jointly released a limited-time watch charity dinner in which martial arts children wore kung fu costumes to showcase martial arts.
   Ms. Li Xiangning said: ‘Thank you very much for the launch of limited edition watches in honor of the 75th birthday of my father. I am also grateful that my father’s spirit has inspired so many people for so many years. I look forward to my father’s martial spirit and philosophy Carry on. ‘

   The Bruce Lee 75th Anniversary Watch, created to commemorate Bruce Lee’s 75th birthday, appeared at the press conference. This limited edition No. 1 watch is auctioned at a charity dinner, and the entire amount will be donated to the Bruce Lee Foundation. Hublot interprets the world’s most influential legendary star with the brand concept of ‘Becoming No. 1, Unique and Different.’ With the soul of Big Bang and the pure DNA of the brand, Hublot pays tribute to Bruce Lee with this commemorative watch. Designed by the Bruce Lee Foundation, the faceplate incorporates a dragon designed by Bruce Lee and carved on the desk at home. It is equipped with Hublot HUB4700 movement, which has a frequency of 36,000 vibrations per hour. It is composed of 278 parts and 31 gems. It has a 50-hour power reserve. The sapphire crystal glass has an exquisite skeleton dial under the glass.
   Spirit of Big Bang Bruce Lee Limited Edition 75th anniversary of Bruce Lee. Black micro-sandblasted ceramic case with a diameter of 47.7 x 56.3 mm, anti-reflective sapphire crystal glass, water-resistant to 100 meters. HUB4700 automatic winding movement, 50-hour power reserve, hours, minutes, small seconds, date display, chronograph. Small hand leather stitched natural rubber strap, limited to 75 pieces.
   Spirit of Big Bang Bruce Lee Limited Edition 75th anniversary of Bruce Lee. It can also be stitched with a alligator leather strap.