Month: May 2012

Top Works 8 Recommended Enamel Watches

In the past two years, a large number of watches using enamel techniques have appeared. Strictly speaking, this is a bit paradoxical. There are actually not many watches that use enamel to burn the dial or case, because enamel production is An extremely complex and delicate process.
Regardless of the method of drawing or reeling filler, from the carcass making, feeding, firing, and multiple color glazes to repeated firing, as long as a trace of detail is neglected, all efforts have been abandoned, so after the emergence of enamel techniques, most
Is used on top-level utensils, because its high artistic achievements must come from long-time craftsmen. The biggest advantage of enamel is that there are absolutely no two works that are exactly the same. Even if the patterns are exactly the same, the color is different. Even if the color is almost the same, the reflection will show the clue.
Hermès Cape Cod “Galloping H” Grand Fire Enamel Painted Watch
Similar to Hermès ‘Galloping H’ silk enamel painted dial, black alligator strap.
Piaget Altiplano enamel watch
Count Piaget 430P hand-wound ultra-thin mechanical movement, 18K white gold case set with 78 diamonds, miniature enamel painted Doli orchid pattern dial, silver Button hands.
Hermès cape cod quadrige enamel watch
Filament enamel micro-painted dial, inspired by Hermes ‘Quadrige’ square scarf, 18K white gold case, black matte alligator leather strap, H1928 automatic movement.
Van Cleef Arpels Lady Arpels Butterfly Series
830P mechanical movement, white gold case set with round diamonds, stained glass enamel dial, crocodile leather strap, white gold set diamond buckle, limited to 8 pieces.
Van Cleef Arpels Lady Arpels Extraordinary
Hummingbirds watches
Van Cleef Arpels Lady Arpels Extraordinary
Hummingbirds watches
White gold inlaid round diamond case, three-dimensional enamel dial, white gold diamond buckle, 830P mechanical movement, each limited to 8 pieces. Cartier d’ Art enamel watch with colorful toucans
Limited edition of 40 pieces, 18K yellow gold case with pavé round diamonds, enamel dial, pink pearl crocodile leather strap, 18K yellow gold double folding buckle.
Jaeger-LeCoultre enamel painted watch
的 A micro-painted enamel watch based on the famous painting ‘Pavonia’, Reverso series, reversible case design, 18K gold case, black alligator leather strap.
Jaeger-LeCoultre Enamel Lotus Minute Repeater
The lotus dial created by enamel is full of vitality. No matter its elegant form or full color, it has the aesthetic characteristics of traditional Chinese painting. What’s also amazing is that this is an extraordinary, highly sophisticated minute repeater watch. The extreme enamel micro-painting technology and advanced watchmaking technology are subtly merged, showing Jaeger-LeCoultre’s peak achievements as a top watchmaker. Product model: Q1646436 Platinum material, limited production of one


Reproduction Of Timeless Classics: Seiko Spirit X Giugiaro Replica Knight Chronograph

Japanese professional watch brand SEIKO and Giugiaro Design, a well-known Italian car design studio, have collaborated since the 1980s to develop a number of watches most suitable for driving cars and motorcycles. In February last year, a replica watch that appeared in the sci-fi movie ‘Alien II’ was launched, which caused a high degree of discussion and interest among watch fans. In order to meet the expectations of watch fans, it was again on March 9th at the beginning of 2017. In collaboration with Giugiaro Design, three limited-edition replica knight chronograph models have been introduced. In addition to continuing the versatility and knight-style design of the original model, they have also enhanced the surface treatment of the material to enhance the overall texture of the watch.

Working with Italian industrial design giant Giorgetto Giugiaro
Giorgetto Giugiaro, an automotive engineer who has designed multiple models for internationally renowned automakers such as Ferrari, Porsche, and BMW, has designed a number of cars with uniquely shaped car wash lines that are familiar to sports car fans. first name. This time, Giorgetto Giugiaro personally designed the design. Based on the original 1980s model, he continued to tilt the design to the right, carefully considering the way in which the riders hold the handlebars of the motorcycle when they are driving. The design tilts the faceplate clockwise 15 ° to the right. It is surprising that there is also a 5 ° upward tilt between the faceplate and the case to provide a tilt angle that best meets the knight’s line of sight, increasing time legibility; and the model Larger buttons on the right side make it easier for knights to wear gloves.

SEIKO SPIRIT X GIUGIARO limited edition model SCED055

SEIKO SPIRIT X GIUGIARO limited edition model SCED059

SEIKO SPIRIT X GIUGIARO limited edition model SCED061

Reproduced classics, old classics and new ‘representations’
   The SEIKO SPIRIT X GIUGIARO limited edition replica knight chronograph watch, in addition to equipped with a 7T12 quartz movement, a practical chronograph on the dial, 24-hour display, and the date display function at three o’clock, Giorgetto Giugiaro ) On the basis of not destroying the original watch design, the color is used to increase the knights’ speed racing atmosphere. On the classic black faceplate, in addition to the original bright infrared of the prototype watch, the renewal of the watch adds a full-colored and bright eye-catching fluorescent. Light green and vibrant blue colors reproduce the classic trendy style design of the 1980s, and also provide watch fans with more color choices. In addition, the re-engraved models are made of reinforced materials to increase the structure of the model, and strengthen the surface treatment of stainless steel. It is further enhanced with the classic ‘GIUGIARO DESIGN’ logo engraved on the back of the upper model and the limited serial number of the watch. The overall texture of the replica watch this time.

Stainless steel case, reinforced mirror, 10 bar water resistance, 43mm diameter, 7T12 quartz movement, date display, chronograph (1/5 seconds to 60 minutes), 24-hour display, ‘GIUGIARO’ engraved on the back of the model DESIGN ‘classic logo and limited serial number.
   SEIKO and Giugiaro Design have been working together for more than 30 years. Only after so many years of hardening and continuous technical challenges can we make the replica watches better than the past in all aspects and create a classic undefeated style. The SEIKO SPIRIT X GIUGIARO limited edition replica knight chronograph watch is bound to lead the watch industry trend again.