Month: March 2012

Excellent Value For Money Tissot Bright Diamond Women’s Watch

Tissot recently launched two new diamond women’s watches-the new Grand Sport Diamond Supreme and the Tissot Flamenco Flamingo Diamond models, which still use smooth and generous lines and are perfect on the bezel. The female is tailor-made with top Wesselton diamonds, showing nobility in personality. It tells about the healthy and active lifestyle of modern women, and spreads the elegance and brilliance of women along with it. Whether for fitness, leisure, vacation or formal occasions, this watch will be the intimate choice of women’s elite. Tissot Grand Sport Diamond Supreme Reference Price: RMB 13,250
Energetic, confident, and radiant grace
The Tissot Grand Sport Diamond Supreme watch inherits the essence of the Grand Sport series. The case and the strap are made of strong steel. The arc between the two is naturally smooth, there are no sharp edges, and there will be no collision due to movement. And hurt your wrist. The middle part of the strap is frosted, which is in sharp contrast to the polished parts on both sides. The frosted parts have a sense of strength and are suitable for sports occasions. The polished parts are the best interpretation of feminine femininity. The perfect combination of the two processes creates Tissot’s A classic female watch. The sporty tough style shows the active and able style of independent women and is the choice to promote individuality. The dial uses the most feminine feminine mother-of-pearl, making each watch unique, changing its brilliance with the changes of light and shadow around it. The gentle dial, surrounded by 48 top Wesselton diamonds set on the bezel, complements the tough silver stainless steel. The conflict of multiple designs reveals the dual temperament of modern women on the slender wrist: a dynamic and capable expression of self-confidence and a gentle and feminine luxury. The exquisite craftsmanship reflects the ingenuity of Tissot designers-successful designs can be adapted to different occasions and the multi-faceted personality of mature women.
Grand Sports series uses the retro and exquisite Arabic numerals for the double-digit hour position, and the rest uses clear bars. The calendar window is located at 3 o’clock on the dial, which is classic and generous. The three-handed design is simple and precise, and the slim second hand gracefully glides over the deep and brilliant mother-of-pearl dial, allowing modern women to control the time freely with every second.
Mature and multifaceted
The introduction of the Grand Diamond Diamond Extreme Edition combines the dynamic and luxurious appearance with Tissot’s unique watchmaking technology, interweaving power in softness, and projecting luxury in vitality, just like the trend attitude esteemed by contemporary women, noble and elegant. Inanimate spirit. The sporty nature of the watch gives the wearer a Lohas attitude to life. Therefore, this newly designed watch is bound to become an ideal choice for women’s casual socializing.
详情 Watch details:
-Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
-Water resistant to 50 meters / 5 atmospheres
-316L stainless steel polished case
-316L stainless steel strap with push button butterfly clasp
Tissot Flamenco Diamond Model Reference Price: RMB 3,000
Prayer of a flamingo
The English series of the Tissot Flamingo series is called Flamingo, which directly shows that the design master’s inspiration comes from the beautiful flamingos in the tropical rain forest, wearing red feathers, elegant and dignified. The watch’s slender leather strap is like the elegant legs of a flamingo. The simple design of the dial is like the plump green leaves in a tropical rainforest, and the slender strap is like the decoration on the wrist. In 2011, the Tissot watch design master specially launched the Flamingo diamond model, which incorporates women’s favorite diamonds into watch design. With this flamingo, a symbol of beauty and freedom, I wish all female friends sunshine, passion and health .
喝 Applause for women
The Tissot Flamenco series scattered 28 brilliant diamonds on the mother-of-pearl dial and case, moisturizing like dew drops in the rainforest on green leaves. The arched sapphire crystal glass softens the simple dial, with a shiny black slender patent leather strap. Although it does not use pink flamingo, it highlights the feminine understated femininity and can be used with any clothing. The Tissot Flamenco diamond watch with noble value makes women’s elegant temperament radiate from the wrist all the time, which is the favorite choice of fashionable women.
详情 Watch details:
-Arched scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
-316L stainless steel case
-Water resistant to 30 meters / 3 atmospheres
-28 Weselton diamonds
-Mother-of-pearl dial
-Patent leather strap with standard buckle


The First Good Table Of Unforgettable Life

If you have a budget of tens of thousands of yuan, you are planning to purchase the first good watch in your life. I hope that it will not only show extraordinary taste, but also look good and have good performance. It is best to maintain value and never be out of date … … So, in the vast sea of ​​watches, there are always some classic models on the waiting list without any doubt. Even without diamonds and complex functions, they are still treasures on the wrist that can be passed on to the world. The six series of sports watches introduced in this issue are the basic representative of the classic models. Aya Chanel J12 Series Timeless Black and White
CoCoco Chanel has created a different model for a woman of an entire era. She can drive all the way from Paris to the Cote d’Azur, and she can get up early in the morning to ride a horse. Because of her, swimwear began to have a fashionable look; because of her, healthy brown skin was in full swing; along the way, CHANEL-style elegance is more straightforward and courageous than others.
J12 is a sailing ship that has gathered countless glories in the history of international regattas; for professional regattars, it represents elegance, precision and courage. Inspired by this, Chanel’s first sports watch was named J12. The case is made of high-tech precision ceramics with a hardness level comparable to that of diamonds. The use of diamond sand polishing to make J12 shine like a metal. The Chanel watch factory in La Chaux-de-Fonds, known as the Swiss Watch Valley, provides J12 with the most precise watchmaking technology guarantee.

Cartier Pasha de Cartier Collection Luxury Sports Temperament
In the 1930s, Prince Pasha of Morocco ordered a waterproof watch that can recognize the time when swimming. At the time, the designer of Cartier added a protective cap screwed to the crown to solve the waterproof problem. Today, the pasha series, named after the prince, has become one of Cartier’s three most famous series.
The round and tough shape, the classic square grid pattern on the dial, the four time numbers 3, 6, 9, 12 and the uniquely shaped crown are the iconic symbols of the Pasha series. In particular, the crown cap connected to the case by a chain link is usually accompanied by a gemstone. The simplicity and generosity reveal the king’s style, showing a luxurious sporty temperament.

Panerai luminor series new biography of veterans
Since 1938, Panerai has officially become a special product of the Italian Royal Navy, witnessing many deeds in the naval battle. In order to improve the waterproof performance, a lever bridge is installed to lock the crown under pressure. The unique shape of the ‘big ears’ has become a trademark of Panerai.
In the 1990s, Paner navy watches began to be released in limited editions under the two brands of Luminor and Mare Nostrum, and gained fame at auctions. After joining Richmont in 1997, Panerai officially embarked on the road of watchmaking.
Although Panerai is relatively conservative in shape and rarely changes, it is waterproof, sturdy and durable, and has a great advantage in the technology and innovation of its own movement. Coupled with the military background, it is no wonder that a lot of watch lovers are optimistic about it .
Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Collection
In 1972, Audemars Piguet went against the current trend and created a high-end watch made of stainless steel-the ‘Royal Oak’ series. For the first time, stainless steel became a material that could be used with precious metals. . In addition, the unique shape has an impact on the world: the octagonal outer ring is firmly fixed on the case by eight screws, penetrating the strong sports style and setting the example of a high-end sports watch. ‘Royal Oak’ has become the most legendary classic series of Audemars Piguet.
皇家 The ‘Royal Oak’ was originally a battleship launched by the Royal Navy in 1830. The octagonal porthole on the battleship was inspired by the unique octagonal surface of Audemars Piguet. The porthole of the ship symbolizes strength and waterproofness. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a loyal fan of Audemars Piguet. In Terminator 3, it is Audemars Piguet’s custom-made ‘Royal Oak’. Audemars Piguet’s annual production is quite small, and it often happens that you wait a long time after booking.

Omega Seamaster Series Brave Tools
In 1948, the first Omega Seamaster series came out, and the legendary hero was born. It has the advantages of precision, accuracy, solidity and reliability. It still operates as usual in tough environments. It has participated in deep-sea exploration activities many times. What is even more memorable is that it accompanied James Bond on the mountain to save the world. .
The design of the Omega Seahorse series Planet Ocean recommended in this article is in the same vein as the first generation of the hippocampus 300-meter waterproof watch born in 1957, and for the first time uses its proprietary coaxial escapement movement in the seahorse diving watch series. The helium exhaust valve at 10 o’clock is specially engraved with a raised “He” (chemical symbol of helium), which helps the helium particles that have penetrated into the watch due to water pressure to be discharged during decompression due to the water pressure. Water-resistant to 600 meters.

TAG Heuer Link Series Avant-garde and elegance coexist
Like a 20-year-old passionate young man, he is aggressive and avant-garde, but he inherits the exquisite elegance of his predecessors. This is the association brought by the TAG Heuer Link series.