Month: January 2012

Pattern Philippe Exhibits ‘rare Craftsmanship’ Timepieces Highlighting Superb Craftsmanship

Rare craftsmanship encompasses and incorporates a number of breathtaking decorative techniques that have been used for centuries to create countless exquisite dials and cases for classic timepieces. It is precisely these that have made the reputation of Geneva watches famous all over the world, and the ingenious pieces are even more favored by the Eurasian kings and nobles. These great art masterpieces incorporate exquisite hand-carving, luxurious enamel decoration, and unique goldsmith and gem setting techniques. The craftsmanship is no less than the precise, complex and exquisitely decorated movement in Geneva. Some crafts are still popular today, while others are gradually disappearing in the long river of years, and are on the verge of disappearing, and may even be forgotten somewhere in human history forever. Fortunately, more than half a century ago, Patek Philippe, with the support of the Stern family, began to protect these rare crafts to ensure that they can be passed down from generation to generation.

Patek Philippe: Guardian of Geneva’s watchmaking tradition

As a watchmaker adhering to the Geneva watchmaking tradition and fully absorbing the essence of its craftsmanship, Patek Philippe is committed to protecting the rare and endangered craftsmanship so that future watch lovers and watchmakers can continue to appreciate these great heritages. However, if these craftsmanship is to continue to develop, we must pursue excellence and excellence. Therefore, the watchmaking knowledge, experience and exclusive industry secrets of contemporary craftsmen must be imparted unreservedly to successors who are committed to this.

For this reason, Patek Philippe has never stopped supporting Geneva enamel painting. This miniature painting art uses extremely complicated enamel craftsmanship, using pocket watch’s small enamel embryo as the canvas, to accurately reproduce the rich and gorgeous details of portraits or famous paintings, which requires a long production time and countless processing steps. For each color, the work must be fired in a 850 ° C kiln, and then the second color can be painted with a brush. For some extremely delicate painting details, a single quill pen must be used. brush.

The same is true of filigree enamel. For more than 50 years, this precision technology has injected endless elegance into the dials and dome clocks of Patek Philippe’s famous ‘World Time’ watch. Filling the enamel first requires the metal blank to be etched. This technique is similar to the relief process, and then the enamel is filled in the depression. Hand-engraved watch and pocket watch cases, as well as carved skeleton movements are by no means top-of-the-line exhibits. They still occupy an important position in Patek Philippe’s current product range. The decorative pattern of the marquetry dial is usually composed of up to 200 separate parts, and more than 20 kinds of wood are required. High-end jewellery watches need to be set with precious stones of high quality on the dial, case, bracelet and buckle. These sophisticated inlaying techniques can only be completed by experienced and talented jewellers. There are also some works that incorporate many rare craft traditions, such as adding hand-carved patterns under the translucent enamel with beautiful colors.

The ideas and designs of these rare craftsmanship masterpieces were independently developed and produced by the creative department of Patek Philippe. This enabled Patek Philippe to better protect these craftsmanship and ultimately passed on to the next generation of watchmakers. Every year, Patek Philippe launches more than forty rare and valuable timepieces of this kind, which are carefully crafted by a very small number of watchmaking experts who are versed in these complex techniques, exuding uniqueness. Artistic breath. Patek Philippe is committed to protecting these superb skills.

47 masterpieces of watches and clocks, showing rare skills

As an excellent example of rare handicraft, these 47 timepieces are now on display on the fourth floor of the Patek Philippe Salon at 41 Rue du Rhône, Geneva. Each model is ingenious, showing the outstanding handicraft skills either single or integrated.


Girard-perregaux Ww.Tc Won The Paris Women’s Watch Award 08 Best Female Watch Award

On November 26, 2008, GP Girard-Perregaux 24 Hour Shopping won the 9th Edition of the ‘Prix Officiel de la Revue des Montres 2008’ ‘ The best female watch of 2008 ‘award. Mr. Stefano Macaluso, Vice President of Girard Perregaux, was present to receive the award. The award ceremony was held at the Jacquemart-Andre Museum in Paris and was presented by the jury chairman Mr. Stephan Ciejka. Girard Perregaux 24 Hour Shopping is a perfect watch specially designed for women. From the perspective of women, the era of this world is coming. The most unique feature of this 24 Hour Shopping is that it has a special time zone display circle, showing a quite tempting world. This mechanism can make the world time zone show a delicate and subtle new look: Paris, New York and Tokyo The name disappeared from the city ring, and was replaced by the name of a world-famous shopping street or square. These are cult pilgrimage sites. Other time zones in the city ring are marked with 15 diamonds of different sizes. These diamonds total about 0.18 carats. Another extra clever design is this 24 Hour Shopping watch, which can be tailored to your heart. It can be changed to your favorite shoppers because of your preferences. In addition, there are three different versions of this watch. Each version has a specific name of two major shopping streets or squares: Faubourg Saint-Honoré and Orchard Road, or Montenapoleone and Central or Rue du Rhône and Nan Jing Xi Lu.
    On the dial, the hour scale is highlighted with 8 diamonds and elegant Arabic numerals. From midnight to midday, the hour watch ring can show the day / night contrast, and the all-black city ring can set off elegant pearls. The mother-of-pearl dial, black can also make the alligator strap and the onyx on the crown more outstanding and charming. In order to make this watch truly perfect, the bezel of this watch is set with 54 diamonds (1.95 carats) And the stainless steel case complement each other. This exquisite and ingenious luxury watch is designed for elegant ladies who know exactly what they want. With its 41mm case diameter, it can appropriately highlight the outstanding temperament of women on the elegant wrist. . The technical level of this new creation is as amazing as its luxurious features: GP033G0 has an automatic winding mechanism, which can be appreciated through the sapphire crystal back; small seconds dial and power reserve indicator, and the world The time zone display dial forms the perfect visual balance. And the most beautiful equal sign on the ultimate charm painting, the 24 Hour Shopping automatic watch makes the time view represented by the world time zone have a richer aspect, and emphasizes a true female world view: the sophisticated watchmaking process or You can have unique and exclusive rules, and even subvert the secular norms!
Girard Perregaux 24 Hour Shopping
Case: stainless steel
Case: 41 mm diameter
Functions: hours, minutes, small seconds, power reserve indicator, shopping time zone display worldwide and day / night display
Movement: GP033G0 automatic winding movement
Kinetic energy: 46 hours
Table mirror: sapphire crystal
Water resistance: 30 meters