For more than 250 years, Vacheron Constantin (Vacheron Constantin) has always upheld and is willing to share the cultural traditions of the future. Vacheron Constantin’s Métiers d’Art series of masterpieces presents a series of ancient craftsmanship that has been ignored by people, and has become a link to the times, making the masterpieces of watches whether they are viewed from the past, present or future. Proving that the ancient traditional crafts are fearless of the challenges of the changing times, they are unremittingly inherited and continue. Today, Watch House is proud to bring you the appreciation of the top-quality aesthetic watches—the new watches of the Vacheron Constantin series. Although these three watches have appeared frequently in major magazines this year, but I believe Through this article, you can experience Vacheron Constantin’s most sophisticated skills in painting, sculpture, sculpture, and decoration and the traditional watchmaking technology that shocked the heavens. The official number of Vacheron Constantin’s master series ‘Flying Pigeon’ is 86222 / 000G-9774, the official number of ‘Fish’ is 86222 / 000G-9689, and the official number of ‘Shell’ is 86222 / 000G-9685.

   This time, the master of art created three watches worthy of the world with superb craftsmanship, each with different themes of flying pigeons, fish and shells. First of all, we will bring you a detailed introduction of flying pigeon themed watches. To help you discover the mysteries of its temple-level craftsmanship.

Vacheron Constantin Métiers d’ Art Master Series-‘Flying Pigeons’

   First of all, from the perspective of the watch as a whole, the case is made of 40mm 18k white gold, which is only 8.9mm in thickness. Of course, such a thin thickness can be attributed to the superior technology of its movement. The classic three-pin design on the surface of the plate is particularly noble and elegant on the surface of the plate made through multiple and complicated processes. At the same time, the sapphire crystal see-through meets the infinite reveries of the movement and provides a panoramic view. Please follow the steps of this article to explore the complex and superb dial technology of this watch.

   Inspired by Escher’s paintings, this watch presents a flying dove on the dial. The main processes involved are carving, infill enamel, machine-engraved patterns and gem setting. As shown in the figure, the master of engraving outlines the delicate outline of the pigeon on the base of the gold plate. This meticulous process requires extremely high accuracy, because the repeated symmetry of the pattern must not allow a slight error.

   After the basic production of the first step was completed, the enamel master used various oxides to modulate different colors, so that the subtle differences and combinations of the colorful colors alternated with each other. The regulation and harmony of color depends on the choice of the enamel master. These colors appear bright purple immediately after being fired at high temperature.

   Finally, the master of enamel applied a layer of translucent enamel on the purple dove pattern, and the work was completed. For white pigeons, the enamel master chose milky white enamel to highlight the carved pattern and create a deep sense.

   After the enamel process is complete, the master of inlay will set a gemstone for one of the pigeons to make it dazzling. The luster and purity of the diamond should highlight the graceful posture of the pigeon when flying, and attract people to meditate on the dazzling light emitted by the pigeon.

   Finally, the master of engraving pattern finishes the entire decoration process, so that the dial has a deeper sense. Due to the extremely difficult process of machine-engraved patterns, a little carelessness may cause the previous efforts to be turned into ashes, so it is very rare that the works decorated with machine-engraved patterns are completed after the enamel process is completed. Machine engraving masters spend a lot of time patiently carving to create lifelike pigeons.

Vacheron Constantin Métiers d’ Art Master Series-‘Fish’

  The ‘fish’ watch creates a shallow-fishing scene through the fusion of blue and silver. The main technology of this watch is the crystal of machine-engraved pattern decoration and silk enamel. The case also uses a 40 mm case. 18k white gold with case back with sapphire crystal. Such ingenuity is inspired by a painting by Escher, which not only retains the traditional drawing art but also reflects the atmosphere of the times. It is a perfect combination of mathematics and aesthetics.

   The fish pattern is engraved on the base of the platinum dial, and then the eyes of the fish are carefully carved. Next, the master of machine-engraved patterning carefully carved and carved a symmetrical pattern with a length of only 0.1 millimeters. It is not difficult to glimpse his ingenious skills and enthusiasm for artistic sensitivity. The parallel curve outlines the head, tail and fins, while the body is covered with dazzling scales.

   Finally, the enamel master used thin gold wires to distinguish different enamel colors and outline the outline of the pattern. This process is called filigree enamel. Finally, each fish is filled with enamel and fired in a high temperature oven. Usually, the artisans repeat this step many times in order to deepen the color. After the last firing is completed, a sanding and polishing process is performed to make the dividing line and the enamel filling area flush, and then glazing, that is, a layer of varnish, so that the dial can emit a dazzling light.

Vacheron Constantin Métiers d’ Art Master Series-‘Shell’

   Starfish strewn on the charming pale ochre sea floor, and the slender and light hollow hands passed gently over it. The layered and intertwined starfish danced lightly, showing different details according to different angles of light. The dials of this “Métiers d’ Art Les Univers Infinis” series watch are carved and filled with enamel, inspired by the work of painter Escher. The case is also made of 40mm 18k white gold, and the back is sapphire crystal.

   First, the sculptor used copper engraving needles to outline the starfish shape on the dial, and then dug or carved grooves in the corresponding area, but kept the contour of the starfish in order to create the relief effect through the infill method.

   Next, the master of enamel is repeatedly fired at a high temperature of 800 ° to 850 ° C. The firing process needs to be repeated several times, and finally it is polished and glazed. The sculptor finally carved the shape of a starfish on the dial. The process of filling enamel is inseparable from the sincere cooperation between the master of engraving and the master of enamel. The final result depends on the tacit understanding of the two. A small amount of mismatch will endanger the final result, resulting in a loss of success.

   All three watches are equipped with Vacheron Constantin Cal.2460SC self-winding movement, with a diameter of 26.2 mm and a thickness of only 3.6 mm. It has a power reserve of 40 hours, an oscillation frequency of 28,800 times per hour, 27 jewel bearings, and a water resistance of 30 meters. In terms of craftsmanship, it is finely polished in strict accordance with the traditional handicrafts of Geneva’s fine watchmaking. Polished chamfers, hand-drawn side motifs, circular-grained motherboards, splints decorated with Geneva ripples and elegant machine-engraved decorative pendulums all explain the essence of the brand’s culture.

Summary: Through the above introduction, everyone must have had unlimited reveries on the price of watches. At the same time, these three watches are limited to 20 pieces. Such quantities can be described as ‘rare in the world’, so based on this we will There is no need to worry about its price anymore. The ‘Métiers d’Art Les Univers Infinis’ watch is a new gift of Vacheron Constantin’s exquisite watchmaking technology. Its birth marks the brand’s ingenious innovation and unveils a new look for high-end watchmaking technology: it retains the traditional drawing art and reflects the times Breath is a natural marriage of mathematics and aesthetics. The dial design with a variety of repeating patterns in a flat pavé checkerboard incorporates many of Vacheron Constantin’s watchmaking techniques: enamel, gem setting, carving and machine-engraved pattern decoration, which can be described as the most beautiful in the art of time. .

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