Tissot Launches 3-d Online Touchscreen Watch: See Video

Tissot has launched a website with 3D features, in which consumers can use their webcam pair through the ‘Touch Collection Watch Watch’ item before purchasing. The product is simulated ‘try on’.
The Tissot website www.tissot.ch/reality is available. Users can sit in front of their computer and raise their wrists to try on the watch in real time through the webcam application or change the style, color and style.
The Touch collection has 28 styles to choose from, and consumers can try on the styles they choose, while also choosing the color of the decoration and wristbands, including the new Sailing-Touch marine watch and T-Touch Expert series. And the Sea-Touch marine series. Consumers can not only appreciate how the watch looks on their hands, but also experience the features of the watch through the touch screen, which also includes the Sea Touch diving function and a wider range of altimeters and barometers , Compass and thermometer. The watch on the wearer’s wrist is vivid in the video, showing the extraordinary features of each one very vividly. All watches tell you the exact time with digital or analog displays.

Jewelry From All Corners Tasting Vacheron Constantin Overseas Automatic Women’s Jewellery Watch

The Overseas series can be said to be the only sports watch series in Vacheron Constantin’s series and the most practical series, so when many people buy the first Vacheron Constantin, They will choose to start from this series, and this series has developed for more than ten years, and also provides more choices for those who like this series.

The horizontal and vertical series was born in 1996. The earliest series is made of all steel, and the antimagnetic soft iron inner case is added to the case. It can be said that it is solid, and the unique Maltese cross link on the metal bracelet also reflects the series. It was full of arrogance and immediately swept the world as soon as it was launched, because people can finally take Vacheron Constantin to ‘cross the world’. In the blink of an eye, in 2008, the series launched more elegant leather strap models and complex models, which also opened the prelude to the diversified development of sports watches, which we will introduce today. Vertical and horizontal women’s jewelry watches are representative of this trend.

The diameter of this women’s jewellery watch is 36mm, which fully meets the unique personality and elegance of women. The case is made of 18K white gold, the lugs and the case are integrated, and it is in line with the ergonomic design concept. It fits the slender wrists of women very much. Because this watch is called horizontal and vertical, even in this precious metal jewelry version, Vacheron Constantin does not forget to equip the platinum case with an antimagnetic soft iron inner case to ensure that the movement is not affected by magnetic fields. Accurate, in other words, the diamond can be dropped, and the watch is not allowed.

 All models of the Vertical and Horizontal series are equipped with anti-magnetic soft iron, so even if the series uses no matter how beautiful and complicated the movement is, we can not see it, but we can see that this series is unique at the bottom of the table we can see To the Amerigo Vespucci brig pattern, I do not say this pattern, everyone will know what it means. Because this watch is a precious metal version, there are a lot of precious metal marks such as 750, St. Bernard’s dog head, and equality. These interesting patterns should be compensated for the invisible movement. The case back is locked by screws and is water resistant to approximately 50 meters.

 I believe that the most striking thing about this watch is probably the diamond. The whole watch is set with a total of about 626 round diamonds and a total weight of about 2.6 carats. Among them, the case is set with about 528. It can be said that the unique bezel shape of the vertical and horizontal series. A graceful temperament has been added against the backdrop of diamonds. Women are very suitable in daily life or at important occasions.

Now I will talk about these diamonds in particular. First of all, these diamonds have to be super-perfectly cut on 57 faces or even 58 faces. Secondly, these diamonds must ensure that their chroma and clarity are exactly the same. Here, please everyone. Pay attention to the number, it is exactly 626 diamonds! In addition, the minimum standard clarity of general table diamonds will reach VVS1, and the chroma will also be above F, but the top brands like Vacheron Constantin, the diamond clarity must reach a higher IF level, so this is indeed a project!

 In addition to the diamond itself, the setting technique is the key. From the arrangement and density of the diamonds on this watch, it can be said that the craft has reached the peak. If you do n’t use a magnifying glass, you will find it The dazzling light of diamonds has merged.

 It seems to be in sharp contrast with the eye-catching diamonds. This watch has specially chosen a deep black dial, which is easy to read and elegant. The date display at 3 o’clock and the diamond-set 18K white gold hour scale echo perfectly, while the black coating on the hour and minute hands adds a touch of mystery to this watch.

 The strap of this watch is selected from the design of black Mississippi crocodile leather and 18K white gold double-folding buckle, which not only looks noble but also sacrifices comfort. In addition, this watch also comes with a silk strap.

 Although we cannot see the movement assembled by this watch from the outside, this does not prevent us from exploring its footsteps. This automatic winding movement, numbered 1226, can be described as a well-known family. It is regarded as the main force of Jaeger-LeCoultre. The automatic three-needle 899 movement is improved. Speaking of the 899 movement, we ca n’t help but mention its ‘father’ 889, 889 is well known on the rivers and lakes, no one knows it, because its qualifications are too old, since the 1980s . In 2005, its son 899 was born.

 It can be said that the 1226 movement completely inherits all the advantages of the 899 movement. The movement is composed of 143 parts. The main splint and the oscillating weight are rhodium-plated. The original circular Geneva stripe has been polished and is still a traditional level The stripes are polished, strictly following the style of the Geneva watch brand. The back of the movement is also polished with a fine pearl pattern. It looks more layered and brighter, and it is also equipped with beautiful blue steel screws and a partial hollow rotor on the side of 21K solid gold. The beauty of the entire movement immediately caught everyone’s eyes to appreciate it, of course, there must be no logo on the rotor that represents the identity.

 The size of the 1226 movement is 26 mm in diameter and 3.25 mm in thickness. It has 41 ruby ​​bearings, kif shock absorbers and a power reserve of 40 hours. The vibration frequency is 28800 times / hour. In terms of escapement, this movement is not commonly used. The light pendulum matches the structure of the fast and slow needles. Instead, a fine adjustment screw is uniquely used on the hairspring outer post. Moreover, the balance wheel has also been adjusted in four temperatures and six directions. This structure is enough to make the already outstanding accuracy even higher. In addition, since this movement is derived from the improved version 899 of the 889, not only the ball bearing in the center of the oscillating weight has become a harder and smoother ceramic material, but also the automatic wheel structure has been optimized. The previous two-way winding has been changed to single. The winding up has improved the winding efficiency instantly, and the power reserve has been increased from 38 hours to about 40 hours.
to sum up:
 This watch is called Queen of women’s watch in terms of momentum and configuration! In view of its cold and brilliant color, all over and around it exudes a mysterious and powerful atmosphere. If you meet a woman with this watch one day, your most correct way is to respect her.

The Summer Blue Wave Is Coming! Hamilton Khaki Navy Scuba Scuba Diver Watch New Colors Come Out

Get away from the complicated work and enjoy a leisurely and leisurely moment on the waterfront. Let the Hamilton Khaki Navy Scuba Scuba Dive Watch be your loyal partner for summer!

  The Hamilton Khaki Navy scuba scuba diving watch is colorful and practical. It is suitable for both summer underwater sports and daily work occasions. Available in a variety of bright colors. The stylish triangular hour-mark design shows the interesting youth diving sport appearance. The solid hour markers stand out on the concise black or blue dial for easy reading, and give this summer’s must-have timepiece a bold look.


  The all-new Scuba diver’s watch in 2019 with full blue color is more blue and deep than the sea. At the first glance, it can stir up the wind and waves. The entire Scuba scuba diving watch series is equipped with Hamilton’s unique H-10 brand self-maintaining core, with a power reserve of up to 80 hours, and plenty of power to make you more capable in the water. Available with rubber strap, NATO strap and steel strap.


  The full range of Khaki Navy Scuba Scuba diving performance has been fully listed in Hamilton JD flagship store and authorized stores nationwide.


Hamilton Khaki Navy Scuba Scuba Watch
  Case diameter 40 mm
  Case material Stainless steel, screw-down crown
  Dial Black dial with orange or white minute display
     Or blue dial with silver minute display
     Scales coated with Super-LumiNova®
  Hands Hour and minute hands with Super-LumiNova®
     Orange or nickel-plated seconds hand with Super-LumiNova®
  Movement H-10 automatic winding movement, power reserve up to 80 hours
     Calendar display window at 4 o’clock
  Strap Two-tone ‘NATO’ strap with pin buckle
     Or blue or black rubber strap with pin buckle
     Or stainless steel bracelet with stainless steel folding clasp
  Retail price starting from RMB 5,400

Lu Yanxun Becomes The Spokesperson For Oris Taiwan

ORIS Taiwan spokesperson: Asian ball king Lu Yanxun
    ORIS, a century-old Swiss watchmaking brand, always adheres to the tradition and innovation of the staff. The four major brands of the brand are each represented by top experts in the field as ambassadors: Including: Williams F1 team for racing series, Italian top special forces Col Moschin for diving series, Swiss aerobatics champion Don Vito for flying series, and jazz Masters in Culture Series.
    Because of this, the cooperation between Oris and Asian tennis star Lu Yanxun not only continues the professional spirit of the brand’s professional endorsements, but also links the relationship between ORIS and tennis. And Asian ball king Lu Yanxun is also ORIS’s first spokesperson for Taiwan.
Concentrate on playing the ace of life! Oris cheered Lu Yanxun minute by minute with accurate timepieces.

Oris Artelier Artist Moon Phase Breakeven Table
    To celebrate Oris and Lu Yanxun officially becoming partners, the brand presents the Oris Artelier artist moon phase profit and loss table as a wedding gift for Lu Yanxun. With this warm gift, I wish the newcomers a happy and successful life!
Oris Artelier artist moon phase profit and loss table, with a refined and noble 18K rose gold-plated stainless steel case, with silver and gray gradation dial, and equipped with delicate features: moon phase profit and loss display, date, day and two The face of time allows even lovers in different time and space to still feel sweet. The watch can be paired with a stainless steel bracelet to show your true self, or you can choose a leather strap to show elegance.

2018 ‘clocks And Miracles’ Haute Horlogerie Exhibition Will Be Grandly Opened In Miami In February

The Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie cooperates with the Miami Design District Association and announces that the 2018 Watches & Wonders Miami Fine Watch Exhibition will be held on February 16 Held from February to February 19.

   The event will bring together 21 leading global luxury watchmakers, including: Lange, Armin Strom, Audemars Piguet, Bulgari, Cartier, FP Journe, Hermes, Hublot, IWC, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Kari Voutilainen , Louis Vuitton, Panerai, Parmigiani, Earl, Ralph Lauren, Romain Jerome, Romain Gauthier, Tag Heuer, Vacheron Constantin and Van Cleef & Arpels. Following the official launch at the SIHH 2018 in Geneva, each brand will be launching its latest work for the first time in the United States.

   Fabienne Lupo, Chairman and Managing Director of the Swiss Watchmaking Foundation, said: ‘The Miami Design District is recognized globally as a mecca for art, culture and luxury, so it is the perfect partner to help us create a truly world-class watch and jewelry experience . Here, we can not only let enthusiasts experience the latest products first, but also provide them with learning opportunities to watch dynamic exhibitions and interact with industry authorities. ‘

Flowing Light And Shadow Flashing Magnificent Light

Kant once said, ‘The things that can enrich the soul are the sky that glitters with stars, and the moral law of my heart.’ The starry sky, a space that makes people think infinitely, leaves much wisdom for human beings. . Sunrise and sunset, the starry sky does not change. It gives art ample nutrients, allowing the free imagination to soar freely in the ocean of poetry and painting.

   When looking at the sky at night, you will be attracted by the charming starlight. Although their light comes from the universe tens of thousands of light years away, when humans on the earth observe with the naked eye, they can still feel the vitality and splendor of the stars. The black sky curtain is dotted with stars, and the sparkle brings the rhythm of light and shadow flowing. For thousands of years, it has made people yearning for it.

   The cosmic starry sky and time are wonderfully and closely linked, and the watchmakers of Jacques Dro are inspired by it, hoping to keep this mysterious and beautiful night sky on the dial and become an organic combination of timepieces and astronomy. Starry sky watches are often ingenious in design and selection of materials. Jacques de Dross selects a magic gemstone-aventurine, which can emit a few stars on the surface, like a magical sky on the sky, reflecting on the earth. To flash dazzling light.

   Aventurine is not a masterpiece of nature’s axe, but a beautiful accident. At the beginning of the 17th century, a master glassmaker on Murano accidentally spilled metal powder into the molten glass slurry, and unexpectedly got sparkling glass after cooling. This inadvertent move gave birth to a beautiful starry gem. Jacques Dross master craftsmen captured the unique charm of aventurine, and inlaid it with square craftsmanship with extraordinary craftsmanship, creating a starry universe between the wrists.

Aventurine Tourbillon Large Seconds
Aventurine dial with diamond-set platinum inner ring
White mother-of-pearl dial with diamonds and white gold case
Automatic mechanical movement
7-day power reserve
White gold inlaid buckle
39 mm diameter
Total weight: 382 diamonds, 1.88 grams
   At this year’s Baselworld watch exhibition, Jacques Dro has launched a new Grande Seconde Off-centered Aventurine. The lines are in the form of overlapping circles and the curves are extremely geometric. Feeling, and the surface is clear and easy to read. The slightly eccentric design is ingenious. The hour and minute display is set at 2 o’clock, and the second dial is set at 7 o’clock. Subtle differences, brand new. The delicate and charming offset design reflects the essence of Jacques Dro’s style: the classic meaning of never being rigid, always advancing with the times and breaking through innovation. The overall shape is very artistic, and the aventurine dial is covered with twinkling golden light, which changes and is immersed in the light and shadow. The Grande Seconde Off-centered has the unique and exquisite temperament of Jacques Dro, renews the vitality of the generation, and adopts the new 39 mm diameter size, which is unisex and elegant.

Aventurine Eccentric Large Seconds Watch
Aventurine dial with 18K white gold solid bezel
Stainless steel case set with 176 diamonds, total weight 1.19 carats
Automatic mechanical movement
Power reserve approx. 68 hours
39 mm diameter

Apatite moon phase
Aventurine dial
Stainless steel case with 176 diamonds (1.28 carats) and rhodium-plated setting
Self-winding movement
68 hours power reserve
Central hour and minute display, with day and month windows at 12 o’clock, central date display, and moon phase display at 6 o’clock
39 mm diameter

   In addition, Jacques Dro has also launched several aventurine series worth starting. The Grande Seconde Tourbillon Aventurine adds an aventurine-shaped oscillating weight to the aventurine dial. The exquisite and charming tourbillon and poetic ore fit for the first time, like the brightest twins at night Echoing and shining, the surface edge is inlaid with a total of 382 brilliant-cut diamonds. The brilliant light of the diamond and the sparkling blue aventurine form the starry deep night sky, and the blue stainless steel pointer echoes it. Mother-of-pearl adds a gentleness to the exquisite dial, with light and light dancing between diamonds. The hour and minute dial of white mother-of-pearl makes the reading clear at a glance. The tourbillon in the sapphire crystal has a panoramic view of the impressive complex mechanical structure. It is vividly displayed. The aventurine dial is equipped with 8 rhodium-plated stars and a rhodium-plated moon inlay, which combines night and light to display the day and night time, as if telling the magical mysteries of the universe with a little bit of stars; The Droger’s Petite Heure Minute 35mm Aventurine fills the dial with a poetic view of the starry sky. The small dial is like a bright moon hanging in the night sky. It is extremely eye-catching among the glittering stars. Aventurine Elegant 8 watch (Lady 8 Aventurine) returns the endless time wheel to the timepiece, the stars in the deep night sky, exuding elegant and beautiful light.

Aventurine 35mm hour and minute dial
Aventurine dial with central hour and minute hands
Set with 28 gems
68 hours power reserve
Stainless steel case with 48 diamonds (0.53 carats), 35 mm diameter, ball at 12 o’clock, aventurine cabochon
12.7 mm thickness, individually numbered on the bottom cover
35 mm diameter
Mechanical self-winding movement, double barrel, 22K white gold oscillating weight

Aventurine Elegant 8
Aventurine dial with central hour and minute hands
Set with 28 gems
68 hours power reserve
Stainless steel case with 48 diamonds (0.53 carats), 35 mm diameter, ball at 12 o’clock, aventurine cabochon
12.7 mm thickness, individually numbered on the bottom cover
35 mm diameter
Mechanical self-winding movement, double barrel, 22K white gold oscillating weight

   Reaching for the stars, it is better to directly place the starry night light and shadow on your wrist, and experience the beautiful craftsmanship and artistic feelings of Jacques Dero, and turn the magnificent glory into the eternity of time.
‘Some watches tell time, some tell a story’

Blancpain Blancpain Villeret & Quot; Timezone 30 Minutes Demi-savonette & Quot; Half Time Zone Watch

Blancpain, the watchmaker, has begun to reinterpret its Villeret series launched last year, and exclusively launched the first Half-Hour Time Zone watch.

Travelers can also get precise time when travelling to countries that use half time zones, such as India or Venezuela! This is a true complication watch, but it is still quite simple and convenient to use. Just rotate the crown a few times to adjust all the displays on the watch.

The standard time display is at 12 o’clock, and the day / night hand at standard time is at 9 o’clock. The half-time zone hour, minute and second hands are located in the center of the dial. At 4 o’clock. With this watch, travel is made easier.

Jacques Dro’s New Definition Of Modern Fashion

The Jacques Dro watch with a large steel seconds hand and date display, exuding a strong modern flavor, once it came out, it won widespread praise. This year, two new models have been added to this series. While continuing the overall style of the series, it also gives people a new charm.
Jacques Dro launches new watch with date and large seconds
 Since its inception, the Grande Seconde has been the eternal source of inspiration for the brand and a symbol of its immortality. Jacques Dro launched a large date display second hand, with a new time design and innovative color use, to give one of its iconic models a refined and modern look.
 The pleasing blue or chocolate dial and the Geneva stripe decoration complement each other. The Geneva stripe flows with light and shadow, illusionizing a dazzling state. With a diameter of 43 mm, the watch is presented with a simple and pure date and time display, showing a graceful and elegant style: the Arabic numerals and Roman numerals of the previous models are replaced by simple and neat Bartonian time scales.
Grande Seconde Quantieme J007030246
 Brown dial with Geneva stripes
 Opal brown edge, rhodium-plated hour markers.
 Stainless steel case
 Self-winding movement
 68-hour power reserve
 43 mm diameter
Grande Seconde Quantieme J007030245
 Blue dial with Geneva stripes
 Blue opal bezel with rhodium-plated indexes.
 Stainless steel case
 Self-winding movement
 68-hour power reserve
 Off-centre hour and minute display, large seconds dial.
 Analog date display at 6 o’clock
 43 mm diameter
 The date shows the evolution of the large second hand, which shows Jacques Dro’s constant re-interpretation of the legendary works of the brand, achieving the brand’s extraordinary courage.
 More information about Jaquet Droz watches: jaquetdroz /

Inheriting Classics And Being Creative, The Jaeger-lecoultre Master Compressor Extreme Lab2 Watch

Master Compressor Extreme LAB launched a new chronograph watch. This series is characterized by extremely high accuracy and extraordinary reliability. Master Compressor Extreme LAB 2 is a perfect fusion of cutting-edge technology, top-quality materials and watch development. More importantly, under the inspiration of Jaeger-LeCoultre master craftsman, a wave of breaking the inherent boundaries of the world was set off.
   Such a complex watch must be perfect in terms of functionality and practicability. This is the consistent watchmaking philosophy of the watch factory. This new watch combines high-end ergonomics and meets Jaeger-LeCoultre’s stringent requirements for accuracy and reliability. The Master Compressor Extreme LAB 2 watch’s built-in crown function selector is easy to operate. The patented digital timer shows the minute hand jumping timing, as well as manual stop seconds, cycle power reserve and dual time zone time display functions. At a glance, time can be clearly distinguished. The movement is housed in a lightweight and sturdy TiVan15 titanium vanadium alloy case with a high-tech scratch-resistant ceramic bezel. The specially designed button is also covered with a large area of ​​striped rubber, which makes the operation more comfortable and smooth, and better protects the crown. The bottom of the case is equipped with a quick-change strap. The new double pin buckle can adjust the length of the strap at will, making the strap fit your wrist perfectly.
   Master Compressor Extreme LAB 2 will be your reliable and convenient loyal companion. The watchmaker’s watchmakers successfully simplified the operation of the watch while ensuring the reliability and accuracy of the watch. In order to ensure the normal use of all watch functions under any conditions, the watchmaker has developed a function selector and independent stop-second device.
Function selector
   The built-in button on the crown activates the function selector, which directly adjusts the functions of the watch without carefully pulling out the crown. After selecting the function, just rotate the crown to adjust accordingly. The crown is used to wind the barrel when the function selector is stopped in the ‘neutre’ position. With one touch, you can adjust the second time zone and date. Tap it again to jump to the main time zone time adjustment mode. Then press it again and the function selector will return to its original position again.
   This design does not require the crown to be pulled out, nor does it require the use of a traditional compression screw mechanism, thereby ensuring unparalleled waterproof performance.
Stop seconds device
   During the time adjustment, the second hand will continue to run, so the accuracy of the watch will not be affected. For minute-to-second time adjustment, you just need to press the slider on the left side of the case. Under the dual action of sliding and pressure, the second hand will stop running, and when the slider is released, the second hand will start to rotate again. This operation is divided into two steps of sliding and pressing, which can avoid accidentally activating the second hand.
Strap replacement device
   Originating from innovative ideas, the new strap changer is controlled by a lever on the case back. The rotating performance makes the connection of the strap and the case more free, and also makes it easier to replace the strap. The double-sided crocodile leather strap makes wearing more reliable and perfectly ergonomic. The two-pin safety buckle allows you to choose between two positions between each groove when adjusting, making the length adjustment more accurate.
   High-tech materials, a bold design, and a double hoop structure add a sense of beauty to this chronograph. The overall use of blue and white color style, especially on the hour counter is particularly eye-catching, enough to see the designer’s pursuit of image beauty and clear style. Although the Master Compressor Extreme LAB 2 watch is complex in appearance, the wearer can easily control it.

Cartier International Hosts The 11th Polo Dubai Challenge

On December 12, 2015, the final of the 11th Cartier International Polo Dubai Challenge kicked off. More than 500 guests came to the Ali Albwardy Desert Palms Hotel and Polo Club to attend the event. The event was supported by His Royal Highness Princess Mohammed bin Rahed Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Chief of Dubai, and became a local sporting and community event.
Italian Celebrity Bianca Brandorini and Cartier Middle East, India and Africa Regional Leader Laurent Gabori with Habtoor Polo Team and Desert Palm Polo Team

Italian Celebrity Bianca Brandorini and Cartier’s Middle East, India and Africa Regional Leader Laurent Gabori at the final day event

   Cartier Middle East, India, and Africa Regional Director Laurent Gabori, Royal Forest Polo Club Director Neil Hobday and Italian supermodel and socialite Bianca Brandorini watched the competitive polo game in the Royal Box of the Polo Club in the center of Dubai .
Desert Palm and Habtoor polo teams in final day match

   On the final day, four teams competed, with athletes from the UAE, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Argentina and Spain. In the final, the Desert Palm Polo Team defeated the Habtoor Polo Team 8-4 to win the Cartier Special Trophy.
Zedan Polo Team and Cartier Polo Team

   Desert Palm polo players Tariq Almwardy and Rashid Al Habtoor took the trophy from Bianca Brandorini and Laurent Gabori, and teammate Matias Machado won the Etiqueta Negra Most Valuable Player title. In the third and fourth place matches that started on the same day, the Zedan polo team defeated the Cartier polo team to win.
Final Day Awards Ceremony

Final Day Banquet
   The Cartier International Polo Dubai Challenge is one of several well-known international polo events sponsored by the brand. Other events include the Royal Forest Polo Club and the Queens Cup at Windsor Grand Park, and the St. Moritz Snow Polo World Cup.